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The rules of the game of basketball

Basketball is a game of sports world involving ten players divided into two teams, each of these players has a mission to protect the ... thumbnail 1 summary

Basketball is a game of sports world involving ten players divided into two teams, each of these players has a mission to protect the basket and score points in the opponent's basket through a correction on them, and determine the play plan can be either based offense or defense. Basketball court basketball court rectangular length of approximately 28-30 m altogether, with a width of about 15-18 m, and is characterized by the presence of a large circle with a diameter of about 7.2 m is divided by the middle of the white line currently does not exceed 5 cm, and the basket rises from the earth approximately between 2.3 m, but for the players it is specified numbers between the numbers from 4-15. How to basketball practice is divided basketball court into two equal parts through the line drawn in the middle, and all of the teams are based on Qatar this circuit to acquire the ball thereafter not later than ten seconds, the team with which he is the team attack the ball, and the other shall be the defense team, and the remaining the ball with the attacking team, except in the case of his arrival to the back of the line; so turn to the defense team, and moving the ball around the pitch by scrolling and Almarwagh, and continues during play attempts teams steal the ball, and the follow-up pass, and if you score a goal in the basket is calculated by two points for the team who make payment and then move the ball to the other team, but if the ball outside the goal arc, they accounted for three points, and for a free throw record by one point, and is awarded to the team depending on the number of errors committed in the middle of the playing line or by type of perpetrator by the other team's mistake and, in the second half of the game in the third quarter of any of them, they are changing pitch sections and switching basket each team. Errors in playing basketball spend this game to abide by the rules and avoiding a lot of mistakes and violations during this game: personal errors: an umbrella for any kind of physical contact is legal, such as: beating, shoving, slapping, and the arrest of either of the waist or shoulder area, or banning other player from taking part. Penalties personal hatred: The obstruction player during his willingness to correction, and is given in this case a two-stroke from free kicks, if you make the first of which is the second performance of the if not the first, the ball is free, but if the blocking player during the cocking of the target, to be granted three free throws. If in the course of play has obstruct the player, the team is given the ball found the calculated error on the player. Blunder means the violent contact with an opponent and includes beating, kicking, punching, and ensures that the other team free kicks and possession of the ball after a performance hit. Error meant: The physical contact between the players without a goal contact of the ball, and the consequence of this error left for referees and officials. Walking and lack of scrolling: to do more than a step and a half without equivocation or pass. Altntit double: The player dodging the ball using both hands on the ball at the same time or do placebo pass with the survival of the ball in his hand. Violation of the rear area of ​​the opponent's goal: to cross midfield attack the wisdom of the line, and can not go back through this line through the acquisition of the ball, and if they do, give the ball to the other team to pass inside play. Time constraints: keep the ball with each player five seconds and if he does not give passes to the other team, and the player must let loose ball during a certain period during the correction.

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