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Benefits of basketball

Basketball practice this sport in a closed lounge inside the rectangular stadium, and bringing the number of players the game to five pl... thumbnail 1 summary
Basketball practice this sport in a closed lounge inside the rectangular stadium, and bringing the number of players the game to five players per team, wins the team that achieves the highest number of points during the four rounds of the game, each round of 10 minutes, and is one of the sports that practiced by hand only and is the second most sports follow-up around the world after soccer, and the sport has many benefits to every person exercised Ktoutid community relations, and removes depression, as well as the urge to compete, and excellence while playing. Benefits of basketball sport burn calories is running, jumping, and movements rapid basics upon which everyone this sport plays, whether professional or amateur, and this factor helps to burn calories in the body, and the practice of this sport for a period of one hour only enough to burn what ranging from 600 to 900 calories. Strengthen the heart to help the sport in the affordability of the heart, and blood vessels of fatigue, tiredness, and this depends on how you play the sport, and the number of times the practice consistently, and this helps to keep Dharabat heart regularly, it also helps in reducing the risk of various heart disease , stroke later in life. Discipline and focus to help all those who practice concentration, self-discipline in the outer frame of the golf ball, because the game imposes a set of rules must Mmarsinha adhered to, and in the case of exceeding these rules will be punished the player and his team, this would strengthen the players on these two attributes in All aspects of life. Strengthen bones contribute to the formation of new tissue in the areas where the bone, and this would increase Qohtha, and Ktvtha, so protects it from fractures, and these tissues arise as a result of continuous jumping by the old private. Gain mobility skills and coordination when throwing Klh basketball in the ring from a remote location for the first time will find that the ball takes a turn for the least, or the ball were not required by force, and this needs to be good training for the acquisition of these skills movement, and when you try to dodge the opponent to pass him to score points player needs coordination, concentration of major, where he must pay attention to the ball and Tqtguetha on the ground by his hand, and the movement of his body, in addition to discount the movement, and this would strengthen the ability to focus and coordination between the movement of the hand and the eye, so that it can do something without having to look to him , but the eye earn in other basic things, and this is what is also known as spatial awareness. Mental growth as well as the fact that the sport earn a person a great physical skills, but they share to increase mental capacity, Vemoadjah problems, and take important decisions in a short time is of the mind and nerves functions, who shall player passes the ball in the right place to the other player, or Tstdidha from a remote location in the episode, or defend the basket, all these things are taken decisions during parts of the second, and that will affect the big situations that occur in his personal life

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