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Different sports I found initially for entertainment, but with time, turn into a world of competition and fun at the same time, as w... thumbnail 1 summary

Different sports I found initially for entertainment, but with time, turn into a world of competition and fun at the same time, as well as basketball, which is one of the world's most famous sports at the moment, especially in the United States, which also originated the idea Basketball is a game consists of two teams from each of five players trying to make points in the discount basket, which rise from the earth amount of three meters is composed, and be a winner in this game is the scoring the most points during the duration of the specific game. The emergence of basketball that the game Basketball is a game that originated in the late nineteenth century and the selection in 1891 in Springfield, which is located in the state of Massachusetts, where Dr. Canadian James Naismith developed a new game enables young people and students to play at inside closed halls during winter in order to maintain their fitness during that period, he put Smith football basic basketball rules, which are commensurate with the closed halls and proven peach basket at the top of the column to ten feet long, which was closed at the time of the lower Viaan manually retrieve the ball each time scoring a goal, and was Football also use it at the beginning of which had been replaced later basketball currently known. Basketball Rules The Basketball Rules viable include a number of things Initially composed of four runs at the international level, each ten minutes, twelve minutes of the National Association for the American Basketball League, and is divided into two periods, each twenty minutes in games colleges, so calculating the actual time of the game, unlike football, which is estimated by the end of extra time, the game, as the referee stopped the clock with stops play as passing the ball from the pitch or make a basket, so the game continues and takes much of the forty minutes allocated to them longer. Each team consists of two teams of five players on the pitch and a group of reserve players, so you can make the switch between the two players for just stopped playing, and be made available for each of the two teams a certain number of time-outs and that the coach can get them to stop playing for time to discuss the plan with the players , the duration of time-out is usually not more than one minute, but in a match broadcast on television in the event of the need for the ad break or the like. Basketball court basketball two baskets opposite stadium consists in a rectangular stadium length of 28 meters and width of 15 meters in international games, and go up the top of the frame basketball rim from the earth amount of ten feet, as there is in the pitch number of lines as a line free throw, which is played Throws Free from behind and the line of three-point attempts, which is a half-circle around the basket and away from all sides about six meters, and is playing basketball using a certain Moasfhat football to help players on the bouncing ball and throw it, it amounts to the ball circumference of 28.5 inches and 29.5 inches and weighs 20 ounces and 22 ounces for women and men, respectively. Are playing basketball using your hands and prevents played bipeds, it also prevents pregnancy for more than two steps when you receive it from another player or stop in order to repay or dribbling out, then the player prancing ball consistently in order to progress it, it also prevents prancing ball back after stopping them and refraining, also prevents the player bouncing the ball using both hands together, also prevents the return of the ball after the jump, as the player must when you jump shot or a pass is in the air, while the acquisition Vijsr ball another team touches it, and Sathoz by the other team. It is also on the team must move from their own half to half an opponent Stadium before the expiry of a specific time and is eight seconds in international matches and ten seconds in the games of American National Association, and on each end Ahjmth team repayment on the basket in a period of twenty-four seconds of receipt of the men in the League Association and thirty women, and the player may stay valuable Forbidden hole for more than five seconds or Ctaz the ball for more than five seconds in the half the opposing team pitch key area during his opponent's resistance. In addition, it may not intercept the basket during their entry to tuberculosis after the case was over the basket or on the edge, it is calculated Throw paid in the event of obstruction of the team from the opponent, and canceled in the event of disability of the attacking team, and calculating the target, ka it prevents disability team broke through physical contact with either of the attacking team or the opponent, so that the player gets a free throw in the event of committing error during the payment process, are three throws calculated if the person is trying to pay off a three-pointer and made two if paid ordinary pitch, but in the case of entering the basket and calculating error, the basket counted and the player gets a free throw one too, and counted every free throw with just one point, while in the case of error occurs in the event of non-payment, the team that signed him wrong replay the ball from outside the stadium, as is the expulsion of the player game when committed five errors for the rest of the game. To play basketball in a professional manner, the players are using a number of different skills, non-payment on the shooting or the peace dunk, which is the strike months and the most exciting game in which a player enters the ball strong to the basket, it is most important things that are trained by the players continuously is prancing ball which is essential for all basketball players,

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