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Way of playing basketball

Is the basketball sport, one of the most popular sports at the level of the whole world, the idea of ​​basketball is one of the team spo... thumbnail 1 summary
Is the basketball sport, one of the most popular sports at the level of the whole world, the idea of ​​basketball is one of the team sports practiced by a number of players up to ten in official matches, so that each team of five players made up, and managed the sport attracting many people from different around the world, due to the excellence idea; Some acquired them this sport to the degree of exercise almost every day, they find the fun does not find it in any other sport. The idea of ​​basketball aims each of the two teams to enter the ball inside the team basket discount, so that the opponent is trying to stop him from achieving his goal as much as possible, and the winner of the two teams is who can make the most of the team discount points, it is worth mentioning that the basket rises from the ground by almost three meters. The way to deal with the ball shall be through Tntatha constantly, since it would be carrying the player the ball and run it between the baskets, as the player must pass the ball to his teammates constantly in order to ensure access to basketball, every player in the team is characterized by a certain skill, Vvriv basketball integrated team. Ways to play basketball there are several ways you can play basketball which has resulted in these different ways as a result of the lack of distribution to the players according to locations including: how to organize the attack and the movement of players through player back the attack, which is considered the fastest and the best among the team player. Pay the largest number of balls direction discount basket through the defender, who is based repayment method, be it through the stage of the attack, as this player assigned to monitor the best player from the opponent during the defense period. Dependence on the stronger player, which features the largest lengthwise in order to make more points in the opponent's basket. Penetrate the way to the basket in order to make points by a player is small in size capable of prevarication and traffic easily. As for the laws of basketball are many and varied and accurate, as supervise the operation of a set of rulers regard to each and every one of them a specific task, as each coach has the right to request time off during the game, in addition to the possibility of a switch between one team members, and the place to play in the habit official matches take place inside closed halls, and the United States known for this beautiful game through the national basketball Association League, or what is known as the Champions Acronym the NBA, where this league is months, and the most beautiful, and most follow-up on the level of the whole world

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