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How to Play Basketball better

Is the basketball team sports that compete from which two teams Each team consists of two teams of five players, with all points score... thumbnail 1 summary

Is the basketball team sports that compete from which two teams Each team consists of two teams of five players, with all points scored for a team trying to enter the ball in the basket, which is called the target, and has a high basketball from the ground about three meters, and is scoring points by entering the ball in the discount basket, and the team that can make or record more than the other team points by the end of the game it is to be a winner, and so on, and the result is difficult to come to an end in a draw. First invented the game of basketball is a teacher, "James Naismith," the school Najafld College and in the year 1891 AD, when asked to head of physical education at the school, "Luther Julik" to invent a game that can be played and practiced within the school campus and in the winter so that the game devoid of any violence. How to play basketball can the player to advance the ball Ptntatha between the hands and between the pitch and this process is called prevarication (dribbling), or he can pass the ball to his teammates alternately to reach the goal and put the ball basket, does not allow any player physical friction with another player hampered for play both teams and when this happens is called the error (foul), and there are some restrictions on how to deal with the basketball and called these restrictions (b playing rules infractions), as the player who commits five infractions in the same game expelled from the stadium and the match is substituted of the same his team. Basketball has evolved even included technical ways common in the play, which related to the subject straighten the ball and dribbling out and passed, in addition to the players centers and offensive schemes and defensive schemes, where he tallest player in the team to play in midfield or can be in one attack centers, players Luxor or motorways, they have good skills in mishandled and the ability to be controlled shall be to defend their positions. Despite the overwhelming interest in the rules of the game in contests and competitions, it has a lot of games that I miss basketball appeared, but they are exercised through unofficial means, which is not to stress out on the laws and rules as a kind of popular sports practiced outside the halls and in the Patios, is football basketball in some states of the games that have big fans, but basically it is a game practiced indoors stadium called the basketball court

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