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Where is the greatest basketball court

Philippines Stadium is considered the Philippines Stadium Philippine Arena multipurpose in Ciudad de Victoria within the project area ... thumbnail 1 summary

Philippines Stadium is considered the Philippines Stadium Philippine Arena multipurpose in Ciudad de Victoria within the project area in the Santa Maria, and Bulacan Philippine is the biggest basketball court, and is confined between latitudes 14 ° and 47'46 "north and longitude 120 ° and 57'16 "towards the east, and expanding to nearly 55 thousand people, and the stadium design is inspired from a tree known as the Narra is the parent of the country's tree, and that was at the hands of a giant company in the field of architecture working through their office located in the Australian Brisbane area. Expanding the stadium 50 thousand people's, and they sit a planned operation, and the inauguration of the scene looks like a Roman amphitheater built in the form of a semi-circle with the seats, so have the three sides to sit down, and every point of carrying different colors, the flag colors Church ni Cristo, a; green, white, and red, the stadium was built on 99.200 square meters of land and has a dome in excess of more than 9,000 square meters. Aisal ceiling length of 170 meters, contains 9,000 tons of steel, up the length of the arena to 65 meters, and is the holding gatherings for owners of Christianity, as well as the establishment of competitions for many sports, most notably basketball, and many others such as boxing, tennis, and are concerts . The most important events was the opening of the arena on 21 July 2014 AD, the existence of Benigno Aquino, President of the Philippines, the executive minister of the church Ne Eduardo Manalo in order to remove the veil from this arena, has been included on a lot of events, including: The Special worship band and Oaratura led by Eduardo Manalo music show large orchestra on July 27 of 2014. feet Ang Sugo on 31 July of 20144 graphic play of the Ministry of Felix. The opening of the Philippine Basketball Association ceremony for the 2014 season on October 19 of the same year contract, and was attended by more than 52 thousand spectators event. The ceremony was held under the name Best of Best in the Philippiness which were from four groups of South Korean gods before. Submitted a singer and writer of American songs Katy Perry on 7 May 2015, his first solo performance in the Philippines, attended the ceremony 30107 spectators, including local celebrity. Won the best sports project in the Asian continent award under the project average Cap medium cap class project, and on July 27 of the 2014 Guinness World Records recognized as the largest indoor theaters

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