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how to play basketball in messenger

There are many different types of sports and scattered around the world, each with its own methods and its own laws to play out, and t... thumbnail 1 summary

There are many different types of sports and scattered around the world, each with its own methods and its own laws to play out, and the most famous in the world basketball, which are known in the world there is no country in the world there is no team in this game interesting deployed in the kinds of toys All around the world, of its own fun and competition attract the audience it and when you open the doors of excitement, a common game with a simple and easy-to-play laws which has led to the spread of this game all around the world, a sport Jmaaha organization, and can play a minimum number of players, They may even no more than just two all protesting the basketball level, which requires that the play group in official matches must be salivating quick reaction during play, and each player's role during the game, Haton players tall they can score goals and throw the ball over the players easily because of the height, but the players Kassar Alqamhakm their role in the maneuver during the game and overcome opponents to reach the goal, playing field basketball needs all features in one team his back basketball in 1891, the Bapetkarha James Naismith teacher in Najafld College which Luther Julik has asked him to head of the Department of Physical Education at the school to devise a sport Do school campus of income, in the winter, he wanted Smith to be free from violence, because unlike American football, have the game won students admiration which led to the success of this game, play basketball certain laws may not be upset by any of the two teams, and only one Oadhar team, but a warning, Altatrid will be exposed, so that the individual plays team basketball him to have the experience and information on how the game and the way to play the team is divided, but several player sections line of defense and who is his duty to defend the opponent, not my game attack, which have mm their duty to make the largest number of points and the midfielder one, where are chosen the longest and most powerful player in the team so that he can Rdalkrat counter, each team works to sneak the ball into the basket on the road jump short-term, despite differences in each group plan, but there are a lot of shots famous and well-known, it should be playing in a position facing the basket and that and be knees apart and back is straight, and stuck basketball tipped fingers and then thrown Alcardh hand outstanding, are taken it the ball outstanding in a failed attempt at goal and the ball is important, because in the case of the ball, it will be located inevitable goal, it said that most of the currencies of the ball counter obtained by the panel Almadf, and the team that mastered dribbling in play as they have a strong influence, at the heart of the game for the benefit of the team, dribbling is dribbling the ball up to the player to move forward where able, to play to control the ball so he could dodge the opponent, and when Madavg prevarication he must elude hand-held remote, so it is difficult for the opponent to reach the ball, the playing to object trajectory of the ball if the nasty and try to take the ball from him, and the heart attack in his favor, and prevents touching the ball if he had been paid by the attacker to beguile the curve, at the end of dew match-winning team wins the top spots.

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